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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Hello our blog followers

Hello our blog followers  These days our  team was really busy but now we have a lot to tell you  Here in Yerevan everything is really amazing. Already all the  delegations are in Armenia. Macedonia was the  first to arrive. All the representatives are  happy . Kids are excited and everybody is waiting for  December 3 but in the same time everyone wants this week to last long because they enjoy each moment having here in Yerevan . Delegations had time  for sightseeing as well. Some  of them expressed their impression  and  mentioned that  they like Yerevan very much .
As for the stage it is already ready. It really beautiful and  all the contestants  yesterday had their first rehearsals . Today contestants from  Russia , Latvia , Moldova , Armenia, Bulgaria , Lithuania and Ukraine  had their second rehearsal .  They were amazing and they are already ready for the contest.  Today special guests Sirusho and Vladimir Arzumanyan also had rehearsal.    So, keep patience ! Only few days are left for the show it is going to be great show , Don’t miss it and follow us !
Article by  Ani Shahoyan

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

An interesting interview with Amanda Bashmakova

      Amanda  is the representative of Latvia in Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2011 . She is 14 years old girl from city Aluksne. Today I had a really pleasant conversation with her, which I'd like to share with you- my dear readers.

? How did you feel when you knew you'd represent your country?
! It was my old dream. And when my mama had a phone call from LTV about my participation in JESC, I wanted to scream so excited I was. I was really happy. 

? Where do you study ??
! I study at Ernst Gluck Aluksne State gymnasium.

? Have you seen the pre-selection of other countries?
! Oh, yeah I have watched all songs.

? And which you like the most?
! I really like Belgium song it is different and cute, and moldova's song.

? Do you have a fan page or official page?
! actually, i don`t have any fan pages, but i have a facebook and twitter.
Amanda's page in Facebook

? Do you play  any musical instrument?
! Yes, I play the piano.

? What kind of music do you like?
! I like jazz,big bend, rock, soft rock, ballad, pop, and classic, actually i like a lot of music styles.

? And have you a favorite singer?
! No , but I really like Frank Sinatra , Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Beatles, Elvis Presley.

? Would you like to take part in Eurovision when you grow up?
! I think yes, because it will be funny and it is my second dream.

? Have you ever been in Armenia?
! No, but i`ve heard that it is beautilful country.

? How you imagine the contest?
! I think it relationship between participants will be friendly, and week will pass quickly.

? Who helped you to write the song ?
! Guntars Racs and Janis Lusens

? And last question. What do you wish to the children all over the world?
! Be responsive, tolerant, and sympathetic and love all around you!