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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Meeting with Dalita and her team

      As we already know Dalita will represent Armenia in JESC 2011. And today we met her in order to ask some questions , that  interested not only us but you'd also be interested.The JESC little star answered to all our questions and you can see the interview below .

       1. Who helped you to write this song?
            Emma Asatryan  helped me, she's my teacher.
       2. Did you see the pre-selections of other countries?
             I've seen only Russian and Ukrainian  pre-selections.
       3. Do you have accounts in social nets?
           Yes, of course . I have accounts in Facebook etc. and also I have my own web page.

Dalita's personal web-page

       4. Which song of the finalists from other countries do you like?
           I like Russian song , partially.
       5. When will the video for your song be ready?
            I think it'll be ready after JESC.
       6.  Dalita as this year Armenia will host all that countries ,you'll be the hostess. Do you think it'll be difficult ?
    It is really responsible step for me to host so many countries in Armenia, and to represent it too.
7. Would you like to represent Armenia in another country?
    No. I like representing my country in my country.
8. What will be changed on December 3?
    I think the show will be improved, but the dancers will be the same. Perhaps the dresses will be changed    a  bit. But anyway everything will be in the same style
9.  Which song of previews  participants do you like?
      For me Vladimir Arzumanyan-Mama, is one of the bests.
10. Do you have any plans till JESC?
      No, but I think new plans will be after it.
 11. Have you already started working ??
     Not yet, as my teacher is not in Armenia now. As soon as she come back, we'll start working.
12. Which singer do you like ?
      I like Miley Cyrus .
13. What kind of music do you like?
      My teacher advised me to listen every kind of music . Now I'm concentrated on pop music, but I have classic basis.
14. When did you start singing?
      I was nearly five when I started singing and  as I liked it I continued singing.
15. Can you play any musical instrument?
      Yes, I can play piano and guitar.

16. How can we find your songs?
      Well, as I don't have many songs, I don't have any CD, but you can find my songs in different collections and even in YouTube.
17. Would you like to take part in Eurovision song contest after growing up?
      Why not? Of course, if I have such a chance I'll take part.
18. How you imagine Yerevan during that days, I mean during the contest?
      I think our city will be colorful and bright on that days.
19. Can you combine you classes with song contest?
      Actually it is really hard to do so, as since the pre-selection I didn't manage to go to school, but I think I'll go since Monday as I don't want to miss my classes.
20. What do you wish children all over the world?
      I wish them  to smile and  to be happy, healthy and  all the best.

meeting with Dalita(video)

For all those who missed this information on the 10th of September was held the national selection draw when the dolphins kicked the balls with  numbers  and decided the live contest program .So, with the help of dolphins all the 16 contestants (the names of  all contestants you can see below )found their place in the show  . Dolphins made children really happy and show passed full of fun .( below you can see yourself the pictures of participants and  kind dolphins )
Razmik & Friends - I Love You

Milena Vardanyan – Stop

Maria Yenoqyan – New Song

Petros Ghazaryan – My Dream

Ninela Mkhitaryan – In the World of Notes

Tatev Engibaryan – Hayeren

Do-Re-Mi – Dance With Me

Nadezhda Sargsyan – Tik-Tak

Allegro – Nature Wonders

Mary Arzumanyan – Dance Rhythms

Monika navasardyan – Fast Wind

Dalita – Welcome To Armenia

Anahit Hakobyan – Ballet

Sona Gyulkhasyan- Let

Milli – Milli-on

Vahagn Grigoryan – Our Yard
      On the 17th of September the Armenian national selection of Junior Eurovision 2011 was held . The hosts were the Head of Armenian Delegation  Gohar Gasparyan and the winner of Junior Eurovision 2010 Vladimir Arzumanyan.
The show was amazing. The all 16 contestants were  nice but also exited. Everyone enjoyed the show. Finally in the end was known who will represent Armenia this year. The lucky little JESC star was DALITA with the song "Welcome To Armenia". Also I am going to mention that  Aremanian national selection was a holiday for us, fans, too  because during the show was the premiere  of our second film  Yerevan: the city of colors . The video you can see below. ENJOY .

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