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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Interveiw with Anton Baranov

?  When were You born? what do You like, what is Your hobby? Where did you study?
I was born in Minsk. I studied in Art Lyceum( PARNAT) . Then in Academy of Arts in Belarus, the Department of Graphic Design. My hobbies are photography and billiards.

?  Have You been working on logos long time?
!   Yes, more than 10 years. my studio is specialized on it.

?  What do You know about Armenia?
  I knew as much as in school program, but during working on the style of Eurovision, I find a lot of interesting information about the culture and the history of Armenia.

?  What do You think about Armenians and Armenia?
    Very friendly and hospitable nation.

?   What inspired You during creating the logo of JESC 2011?
  It's difficult to answer...Brandy)

   For a work such as creating logos, one needs to study some aspects of the country. In the case of  Junior Eurovision, which will be in Armenia, what you have learned about Armenia to complete the job?
!      The history, national emblems and national culture.

Could You please, tell us about the logo?
!    If  I need to tell about the logo, that means that it is not complied. In our case you can see Ararat + graphic equalizer-combination of national emblem and music symbol. And plus the color of participating countries.

?   What do You think, will the Junior Eurovision be the best in Armenia?
!   Of course! Everything that is new must be better.

?   Have You ever been in Armenia? If no, do You have plans to visit Armenia?
!     Unfortunately I haven't been. Yes, I have such plans.

?    Do You like Junior Eurovision?
!    Yes, In my opinion the children's contest is more bright and sincere, straightforward numbers.

What wishes You have for Junior Eurovision 2011 and on whose side are You?
    Reach for the Top!I will be on the most prominant's side)

Thank You for attentinon

Anton Baranov studio web page

Interview by JESC volunteers' team

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