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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Last day of shooting the film

          The shooting of the film Yerevan: The city of colours is over and soon you'll be able to see it. I'm sure that the film will have a great success, because of our team's hard work and  because of original and perfect ideas.
         Despite the hard work done by our group we didn't lose our hope and we were sure that the outcome would be AWESOME! The area, where the shootings took place, was crowded and everyone tried to help ! Some of volunteers were painting the logo,the others were helping to make children's outfits,SOME OF US were just having fun! the day was difficult but we did our best and now we are sure that the second film will be better and Europe will like it! :):)
        After  a few days of work the team came to the finish line . In this case I must say that words are odd and I'll describe  the last and the most important day of shooting by photos made by our volunteers. Thanks to everyone for support and help!

While painting the logo of JESC 2011 on the ground



Karen Khontyan and Tatevik Gyulmisaryan are shooting from the high

After finishing the work it worth  taking photos od voulunteers+their work

 After all this -some photos of our volunteers

Article by Tolik Chernyaev and Sun

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