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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Brandbooks of JESC 2010 and 2011 by Anton Baranov

 First of all what is a brandbook? Here is an information  about it.
Brand-book is a set of visual corporate standards and regulations, instructions for practical use of corporate identity in the daily work of the company. 
So instructions, set of standards and regulations - that's the essence of a brand-book. 

Components of brand-book:

1. Logo (description of a company's logo, possible options for its implementation, standards and rules for use of the logo in different situations, as well as its placement next to other logos and images).
  • Dimensions (for different formats, minimum size)
  • Indentation
  • Major (corporate) color
  • More colors
  • M onochrome execution
  • Inappropriate use
2. Branded font (description of the corporate font of the company and recommendations for additional options of fonts).
  • Typing family (name, pattern)
  • Additional font (recommendations for font options, when there is no possibility of using corporate font)
3. Business documentation (a description of standards and recommendations for registration of official documentation).
  • Calling cards (personal, corporate)
  • Forms (the official letterhead, orders)
  • Facsimile form
  • Envelopes (S4, S5, European standard)
There are also additional positions (advanced brand-book):

4. The client documentation (a description of the standards and principles of design client documentation).
  • Proposal forms
  • Contract forms
  • Accounts
  • Presentation 
After this information let me introduce the brandbook of JESC 2010 by Anton Baranov. It's  very attractive, interesting and I'm sure that  a lot of people  got it. Here are some parts of JESC 2010 brandbook :

Soon you'll be able to get more attractive and another piece of art by Anton Baranov - JESC 2011 Brandbook.  Here you can see an example of  it.

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